Thursday, February 25, 2010

holy catnap batman!

Wow! We are in London! Can you believe it?

We left yesterday at 6:15PM east coast time and arrived in London around 7:45AM London time. We were exhausted. Luckily we were able to upgrade to first class and hang out in the lovely USAir Club before the flight.


The food in first class is ridiculous! We ate so much food that I just thought I was going to pop.


I just wish I could sleep normal on a plane. Everything swells up including my sinus’… although, it was better sleep than I could have gotten in the back.

We checked into our room, which is lovely by the way, and headed out to see some sights before we collapsed. We took the underground straight over to the Eye of London.


It was raining off and on.


This is one amazing contraption!


We got back to the room and completely passed out for a few hours. After our somewhat refreshing nap we decided to head out for some dinner. For some reason the Underground wasn’t letting anyone on so we just walked around near our hotel looking for somewhere good to eat.

Along the way we passed by Westminster Cathedral. It looked really beautiful lit up at night.


We ended up at a restaurant one of my work buddies had suggested. If you’re in London I would definitely recommend stopping by Wagamama’s. The food was delicious and definitely hit the spot after walking around in the chilly rain.


That’s it for tonight. Off to bed so we can get a fresh start in the morning.

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