Wednesday, December 02, 2009

random things and some food

Here we are in December and  I seem to have completely missed blogging about Thanksgiving. Of course, the entire thing was filled with nothing but pecan pie… maybe a little turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, really just food in general. Oh and did I mention family? I may not talk about them a lot here, but it’s really nice to get everyone together and just hang out at Mom and Dad’s. Maybe do a little shopping and did I mention eating? Good times!

I really didn’t take any Thanksgiving pictures since that seems to be brothers job. So here is a nice picture of the evening sky as we were headed home on Sunday. It was really quite lovely. A lot nicer than the image I caught here. The clouds were really amazing!


Then Tuesday morning I awoke to this…


Weird, especially when you drive to the corner, make a left and it’s completely gone. Not a speck of fog to be seen. Seems someone must have left the Christmas fog maker on next door.

Tuesday night I headed over to the monthly Charlotte Knitting Guild meeting and ate lots of food (I’m sensing a theme here) and participated in the white elephant game. Fun! I was the lucky person that ended up going first which meant I got the pick of the gifts at the end. I picked up this cutey patooty tape measure from Lantern Moon. I mean, a girl can never have enough tape measures.


So, that’s it for now. I’m still knitting on the baby blanket and I’m pretty sure I have finally passed the half way mark. Whoo! I’m starting to feel like it may never end. Just wait till I get to pick up all those stitches for the border. Awesome!

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AnnasMomma said...

Cute tape measure!
Can't wait to see the baby blanket!