Monday, December 14, 2009

the crud

Ugh! The crud has been beating me up all weekend and then miraculously I wake up this fine Monday morning and feel OK. Typical. I mean, I’m not well, but better. Well enough to go to work after I spent practically the entire weekend in bed. Yeah.

So, on the drive into work I hear Meghan talking about this game on the iPhone called Words with Friends. What can I say, been playing it all day with friends and family. Love it! My new favorite thing!

Joe took me out to dinner tonight at Mama Ricotta’s since I missed all the fun parties this weekend. Super sweet! Then he helped me get the tree up. Yep, you heard that right. I just put my tree up this evening and by put it up I mean all I have done is get it out of the box and fluff all the branches. Lights and decorations will have to wait for tomorrow cause now the sick seems to be creeping back in and I am worn out just from that.


In other fun news there was a package from my Aunt & Uncle in the mail today. I had no idea what it could be and I would have never guessed! It is a super cute yoga top with a koi fish. Super cute! I will totally be wearing this to my next class.


In other random news, I upgraded the bunny condo this weekend (about the only productive thing that was done). I attempted to get some good shots of them this evening, but their was little to no cooperation on their part as you can see.


Oh, and I am still working on the baby blanket. I have finished the 70th repeat with only two left. Then… the border. Can’t wait to finish this sucker up so I can work on something new and maybe a bit smaller. This thing is getting pretty big to be lugging around with me.


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