Friday, August 11, 2006

San Diego... the middle

I have been lax in my blogging duties as of late. To start the ball rolling again I will finish up with all the fun that we had out west.

Let’s see, Monday (the 1st) was a most fantastic day. This was the day for The Day of Beauty a la the Four Season Aviara Spa. Words cannot explain the luxury and the happiness and the sheer luxury of this experience. So I will attempt to explain it anyway… it started with a salt scrub (nice course salt to scrub all the nasty off of you and then wiped away with a nice warm towel and then a nice shower in which to remove the remaining salt) which accounted for the first hour, which doesn’t sound all that great, but, oh wait, there’s more. The second hour was the avocado wrap. Yeah, that was nice, soothing, and oh so relaxing. Imagine being covered with green avocadoesque creamy goodness and then wrapped in a human size heating pad with Velcro closures (for some reason I found that humorous…) while my skin was soaking up the avocado goodness I was given a nice facial massage including scalp. After the baking the avocado was removed with another hot towel. I barely made it to the next room for *gasp* the massage. No details, but I was jelly by the end. After the massage I had a Cobb Salad (can someone please rename that, it just sounds dirty) and a fruit smoothie for lunch. Once that was devoured I headed off to my final destination, which was the facial. I have decided that facials are great! My face was dewy and glowing once that lady was done with me. The end to a perfect day! I lounged around for about an hour after all of that to recoup from the perfection of it all. Not a day I will soon forget! If any of you are wondering about all of this pampering there was an actual reason for all of this. I have been coveting this Day of Beauty ever since DH started attending this particular conference that is held at the Four Season and since yesterday (the 10th) was our 10 year anniversary he graciously allowed me to sign up. The key is how do I convince that this is do-able for next year?

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Lenore said...

I am so jealous! You suck!