Monday, August 28, 2006

Budda loves knitting

I have finally completed my first scarf! It has been 99.99% complete for months, but I finally learned how to bind off, so it is officially done. Thanks to Aunt Rebecca for the beautiful yarn and the lessons on knitting!

Now I am on a knitting frenzy! OK... lots of exclamations going on here, but it is so neat to see something take shape like this. This is my first scarf that has a pattern. I will be learning how to do variations on the knit and purl this Thursday so watch out!


Anonymous said...

hehe...try and knit the little budha guy a sweater :)


Anonymous said...

ooo....or better yet a little miniture cap for his head! - Osborne

Lenore said...

Buddha also likes party hats. I have the photographic evidence!