Sunday, August 13, 2006

San Diego... the end

I am slow and here is the final bit about our trip to San Diego. It was only a week and a half ago when we got back, but that is just the way it is.

We went to a Padres game on the 1st with several of DH's coworkers. They played the Houston Astros and ended up with a loss, but it was a very close game and tons of fun!

Our last day DH took me around to a couple of places that I wanted to go. One was Stitcher's Treasures, a nice cross-stitch shop in Esconido, CA which is a little north of San Diego. I bought a few new Mirabilia's there and had a nice time just perusing the shop. I asked about a spot for lunch and A Delight of France Bakery was recomended and WOW was it good. Everything seemed to be made fresh that day and tasted delicious. If you are in the area stop by for a glass of wine and some good food. After that we drove over to Pacific Beach. Again, DH stopped by a cross-stitch and knitting shop, called Needlecraft Cottage, to let me have a look around. Since I am taking a knitting class next week I went ahead and purchased a Miro book and some yarn to knit a cute bag. Wish me luck! After we wondered Pacific Beach for a while we headed back into the Gaslamp District to walk around and grab some dinner before our flight back home. Another excellent restaurant is Bella Luna. We have eaten here in the past and it never disappoints. Mmmm yummy! It is so nice to be able to eat outside and not be miserable. Something that is just too hard to do over here in Charlotte.

Before I sign off there are a couple of really great places that we went to earlier that I have to mention. One is Carol Gardyne's shop over in the Italian district. I went there last year and didn't buy one of her gorgeous hand painted scarfs (that she creates in the shop) and regretted it. This year I got a beautiful green and black one. You really should check them out!
Last but not least there is Chi Chocolat. Double yummy! You cannot go wrong with gourmet fine chocolate made in house. Really yummy!

So that is probably enough advertisement for one night. So many cool places to do and see in San Diego, that is probably why it is one of my favorite places to visit...

Good night.

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Lenore said...

I swear that the Bella Luna was the restaurant that I ate at when I was in San Diego. Can you sit outside next to the sidewalk? I remember it was so delicious! I had a penne pasta with salmon and asparagus in a cream sauce. It was years ago, and I still remember that meal.