Saturday, August 05, 2006

I do stitch!

Ok, so maybe I haven't really been stitching for months. But for some reason the apartment we lived in for a few months seemed to suck the life out of me. No excuses now, we have been in the house for two months now.

This was finished today. The unfortunate thing is that whilst working on the third block I went to my LNS and saw this finished on a beautiful wintry blue fabric and it was gorgeous. Of course, I had to buy the fabric and they were kind enough to have made a list of the color changes that were used. I guess that means I may be stitching this again :) BTW: the same person had decided to do the Spring Snapperland on a wonderful spring yellow so I have ordered that fabric as well. I am a follower after all!


Lenore said...

This is awesome lady! I love it.

Amy said...

Oh, this is so pretty! I like your choice of fabric just fine. I always need something warming when it's cold.