Wednesday, April 13, 2011

good things come in threes, but mostly twos

What? A post three Wednesdays in a row? That’s right people, I’m working on consistency.
Of course, since I’ve now mentioned it I’ll probably fall right on my ass next week. That’s how I roll…

Now on to our regularly scheduled blog posting.

I realized this afternoon that while I’m walking around, far, far away from paper, that I think about really interesting  or clever things to write about. Then I get distracted and they’re gone. Gone without a trace. And then later I think… what WAS it that I wanted to write down. No clue. I’ve come to the conclusion that two things could actually be happening:
1) I’m missing out on really great ideas and things to write about
2) they’re really mediocre or bad, but seemed really great at the time and should be forgotten

Now for the experiment. My shiny happy iPhone has a voice recorder and I’m going to start using it. I mean, I have that thing with me ALL THE TIME. This, of course will lead us down one of two paths as well.
1) I’m gonna have really great things to blog about. And I will!
2) I’ll never mention this again. I have a feeling this one may be the winner. *sigh*

And now for something completely different.
I decided to check on my horoscope today and the one thing that caught my eye was this statement: It's also a good day to handle paperwork relating to finances. Huh, it’s like they knew two things:
1) my taxes are still not done
2) but they were already on my to do list for today

I don’t know why I have waited this long to finish them up. Actually, they’ve been done for about a month, but I needed to do one last run through. That apparently takes a lot of time. Apparently. The point here is two fold (yes, again)
1) they’re done!
2) to forestall this happening in 2012 I’m making a vow

The vow is as follows*: the second any tax forms come in I’ll get them into TurboTax (love me some TurboTax!) immediately. Or at least within 48 hours. That means 2011 taxes will be done by mid February. To this end there’s now a reminder in my calendar with an alarm, no less, reminding me of this fact. Stay tuned ten months from now for my riveting follow-up to this story.  I know you will…

So to that end. This post is over. And I’m off to get some sleep. Nighty night!

*ultimately vows are made to be broken. I just won’t be responsible for how this all turns out.

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Scott-Tay said...

You go, WestCoastDiva!!! I live and love the "shiny happy iPhone" life as well and am amazed at all it can do. We ALMOST don't have to think any more! :)