Saturday, November 21, 2009

catching up, again

I feel like I’m always playing catch up. That may have something to do with the fact that I am always procrastinating by doing things that are completely non-productive. Enough of the introspective stuff! Here is what I’ve been up to for the past week.

1) Knitting on the biggest most giant needles ever. They are size 35’s and felt like knitting with large tree branches, which, except for the fact that they’re actually plastic, is what I was doing. When I went back to the baby blanket (size 8’s) it felt really bizarre. Like I had switched to toothpicks.

Mom's 2009 (3)

2) On Sunday I made Maple Pecan Muffins from Joy the Baker. I highly recommend this recipe. They were super delicious! The prep wasn’t too hard except maybe for browning the butter. OK, that wasn’t hard. I think you can handle it.

maple pecan muffins (1)

The finished product. Please ignore the random items on the island… it gets crazy on their sometimes.

maple pecan muffins (5)

3) Sunday night a couple of friends came over and Joe said he was going to get the fire pit going. We still had a bunch of scraps from the new wood floors so he used ALL OF THEM. Not just a few at a time. He threw in the entire box. Giant flames ensued. It may have melted paint off of the cover…

fire pit (1)

Cletus was not impressed in the least.


4) Tuesday was an exciting mail day! My order from One Planet Yarn & Fiber arrived with this lovely bounty. I ordered it as a kit with this pattern The Cedar Leaf Shawlette. Their customer service was great and I just cannot wait to start this.

handmaiden-chocolate (3)

Alas, I have a list of other things that must be done first. In my attempt to organize and to have things actually leave the closet of yarn,I have compiled said list and an order in which some things need to done. The goal is to stick to that list until I can get through at least 3-4 items. We shall see…

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