Tuesday, July 21, 2009

atlanta and some random knitting

Joe and I took a trip to Atlanta this weekend. Just a short little jaunt from one city to the next. We arrived kinda late on Friday, but we had just enough time to stop by a cute knitting store called Knitch. If you're in town I would highly recommend stopping by. They were super nice and even told me about a sale that was starting the next day. They offered to hold my items so I could come back and get them with the mark down. Now that is service! This big guy was hanging out to welcome you inside...

Atlanta 7-09 

Saturday was spent doing well, not a whole lot. We got up late and headed over to the Georgia Aquarium around 1 or so only to see this.

Atlanta 7-09 (3)

Seriously, their were like 938,726 people there and those lines were not moving an inch. We hung out and stared in disbelief for a while then decided to call it a day. At least on the aquarium front. It was a good excuse to head back over to Knitch to pick up this.


Isn't it awesome? I couldn't resist it's fiery beauty. I see a very lacy shawl in my future.

So Sunday we actually got up in time for breakfast. We found this really great place within walking distance. The Flying Biscuit. If you have one near you, run, don't walk to this place. The food was great (yummy breakfast potatoes with thyme) and the service too. They even had free coffee outside while you waited for a seat.

Atlanta 7-09 (5)

This was the ceiling. It was totally worth a picture.

Atlanta 7-09 (4)

We did get to the Georgia Aquarium on Sunday. This time there only like 3 people in line. OK, maybe a few more than that, but it took me less than 10 minutes to get our tickets. Totally worth it. Look at this thing! It was really, really big. It's called a spider crab. I know it doesn't look that big, but since you have nothing to compare it to you will just have to trust me. Or read about them here. See... they do get really big!

Atlanta 7-09 (11)

This is a picture of the big giant tank. I'm sure it has some really cool name, but I just don't know what it is. This exhibit was really spectacular. Some really cool sharks, fish, and rays in there. Not sure who this kid is in the picture, but I thought it was a cute picture of him pointing at the giant shark.

Atlanta 7-09 (23)

On the knitting front, I finished up the smocked dishcloth on the ride to Atlanta. Really cute pattern, may have to knit another one.


I was also able to turn the heal on the sock I've been working on. Hopefully, I can get the leg done and get the second one cast on soon.


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PerfectMomentProject said...

Oh yeah. We spent a wonderful morning at The Flying Biscuit recently.
Take a look at the photos. Flying off the plate biscuits. Definitely my last meal in Atlanta:
Sometimes you just gotta have a biscuit