Sunday, July 12, 2009

a few of my favorite things

I finished my first clue for the shawl Friday night. Can’t wait to get the next clue on Friday to see where this will be going.


Last night we went see a friend of ours act in some local fringe theatre. It took place outside in a parking lot behind a warehouse on Central. This is where we sat to watch Fight Club.


It was put on by Citizens of the Universe. Here is the director, James Cartee, in front of the set. It was gritty, but that was the idea. We really enjoyed ourselves.


Totally random for they day, but does anyone know what these are? I think they may be female wild turkeys… they have been hanging around a road near our house and I am pretty curious.


Tonight I made brownies, but not just any brownies.


These are S’more Brownies I picked up off of Joy the Bakers blog.They look so yummy!


Here is the finished product and they are pretty darn good. A little more of a cake like brownie, but still delicious! I’ll have to make these next time we have friends over to grill. The perfect summer time dessert. Thanks Joy!!


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