Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Unveiling

DH and I spent some time on Monday unpacking the huge box that was delivered on Friday.

Looking good! The box anyway. Nice to see that this family heirloom was well packed.

Another layer...

This is the back of it. I am so excited that this is here!

Isn't it beautiful?!?! Yes, there is some cardboard and tape still on it, but it is on the inside of the glass and we had not found the key at the time of this picture. This is my grandmother's (NaNa's) grandfather clock. My aunt and uncle from Colorado packed it up and sent it to me. Thank you! Thank you! I am really happy to have it here! Once we decide where it will be placed in the house I will be calling an expert to put it together, clean it, and generally just get it up and running for me.

Do you sometimes feel as if things are just falling into place? I have been feeling that way this past week. Not only did the Grandfather clock arrive in pristine condition, but we will be receiving another addition to the furniture family tomorrow. I am super excited about it as well! More pictures to come...

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WhizGidget said...

Nice clock.

Judi, you didn't leave me an email address at my blog to where I can send your alphabet soup letter.

So you're getting it in this comment:

Your letter is... E