Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Start

What's this? This would be the beginnings of another cross stitch project called "The South Seas Mermaid" by Mirabilia.

Starting this has made me realize that cross stitch is my first love and not knitting. That is not to say that I do not enjoy knitting and that I will stop knitting, but that it will not be my priority. It is interesting to me when I think about this. Why am I driven to do one craft over another? Why does one consume me in a way the other does not? I don't have answers to those questions now, but I find them very interesting. Especially since I find knitting to be so fascinating.

I have recently started timing how long I work on various cross stitch projects. To give you an idea of how consumed I am with this project (at least for the time being...) I worked on this 3.5 hours last night, which is the picture above. I have worked another 5 hours on it today. WOW! I guess that shows you how productive I have been in other areas of my life today.

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