Monday, July 31, 2006

San Diego

This is a place that I could live, if I could afford to purchase a decent home and still have enough left over to eat. Oh well, of course it might all fall into the ocean as well, but I think I would risk that.

We arrived here Friday night around 7 or 8. I was tired and I just don't remember and there is the three hour time difference as well. After checking into our hotel we walked over to Sushi Itto for dinner. Sushi Itto was OK, I found it interesting that every piece of rolled sushi on the menu contained cream cheese. Now, I like cream cheese, but it seemed a bit odd. Anywho, there is better sushi to be had in San Diego and I will get to that later. After dinner I was starting to feel the effects of jet lag and we headed off to our hotel.

Saturday morning, thanks to Joe's thorough research, we had breakfast at a great place called Cafe 222. If you are in SD you should check it out. Joe ordered the Peanut Butter and Banana stuffed French Toast, which he said was fantastic. I stayed with the tried and true All American (sans the farm animal), which was eggs, toast, potatoes minus the meat. Oh, and the fresh squeezed OJ was nummy!
Later we walked around the Gaslamp district. Hit a few stores. One of my favorites being Villa Moda. That is where I bought some of my favorite jewelery last year. There is also an amazing gallery of Tim Cantor pieces that I have fallen in love with!
Before I sign off I feel the need to mention two more restaurants that we went to on Saturday. For lunch we went to Ra Sushi, yes we ate sushi again. We had eaten at this place last year and loved and it is still just as good as before. For dinner we tried a new place (to us at least) called Monsoon. Really excellent Indian food and great service!

That is it for now... I am off to enjoy some Four Seasons hospitality!


Lenore said...

I like the fact that the lady on the Cafe 222 website wears a waffle on her head. The only thing missing is a picture of a bunny with a pancake on it's head!!

jb said...

:o. sorry - i am still stuck on the NO MEAT thing. i'll get you to fill me in on the rest when i see you...which will be soon right?! JUUUUUUDIIIII!!!!

luvs lady!!

ps - i told you that thing was vicious!!

Darla said...

Actually, when The Big One hits, everything east of the San Andreas Fault will slip into the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

Cant say enough good things about Cafe 222. That was a good breakfast. Yum-eh!