Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rabbit reading

I finished reading this book on Wednesday. I was never the best at book reports,but I really do recommend this book. It's kinda a no holds barred look at the rabbit. I realize that may not sound all that interesting, but it really is. The two authors discuss everything from the rabbits role in various religions, fables to how they are slaughtered for food and fur to what great pets they are. This book is essentially everything you could have ever wanted to know about these amazing creatures. Amazing because I live with one and know just how smart these little critters are.

If you are so inclined you can order the book here, part of the proceeds will go to the House Rabbit Society. If you stop by I may even let you borrow it.


Anonymous said...

Does it say that they have nasty, pointy fangs?


Anonymous said...

How interesting - I am reading this from Roatan Honduras! Just finished my 2 morning dives - heading out to lunch - will do a night dive tonight -

Your brother

Lenore said...

Does he mean Honduras Honduras? Not high on my list of "must visit" countries! Oh, and I want to borrow that book once I'm finished with the 5 that I am currently reading.

Lenore said...

Does it say in that book that they crave the taste of human flesh?

Anonymous said...
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