Monday, June 05, 2006

Finally moved

Phew! This has been an amazing and hectic week! Joe and I closed on our new home last Tuesday and it has been a non-stop whirlwind ever since. Wednesday the movers came as well as the closet people, cable guy, and the painters. We have had painters almost everyday since and they should be finished up by tomorrow. The house is still in shambles, but we are making some headway. We should be able to set up the living room now that the painting is done in that room, which will be a huge relief.

I keep staring at all the stuff that needs to go in the bathroom with disbelief. I just can't imagine why we have all of these different products! I would post a picture of all the bathroom odds and ends, but blogger is being difficult right now.

I will try and get some pictures posted soon of the bathroom disaster (at least you will be able to see the beautiful paint) and a couple of pictures of our front porch that had to be demolished. I will leave that story for the pictures.

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