Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Job

For those who are interested I have kinda sorta started my new job in the land of mortgage. For the rest of this week I will be working both ends of the middle. I even have two desks and two different computers. Amazing how transferring departments works sometimes.

I will be learning to "close" the loans. Basically that means that I will take the loan file, which should be completed by an analyst before I receive it, and type all of the pertinent information into a program that creates the final document that I then email to the attorney. I am also responsible for double checking everyone else's work before me. Sounds interesting and it seems that I will have spare time on my hands at this new job, which I am looking forward too... at least for a while. I know there are other things that I will learn, but I will stick with that for a while.

If I have the time I may even remove the new job ticker from the blog...


Anonymous said...

both ends of the middle? i dunno lady - that sounds kinda complicated.

i hope you like this one better than the last!!! NEED MORE HAPPY JUD-I!!!!



Anonymous said...

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