Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Old home news

Am I calling it the old home now? I guess so... the contract issues are almost resolved and it will be a huge relief to be done and out. Although I am not looking forward to several months in an apartment, at least that journey will be over.

Are current issues are the appraisal and the inspection.

The appraisal almost worked out, except for the fact that it was appraised for $1000 less than what the buyer agreed to pay. Crap! So, there are several options all of which are manically being pursued. First the buyer has asked the appraiser to come back and take a second look at the shed, since the shed was not listed on the initial appraisal. If that doesn't work then the buyer will check with the bank to see if a $1000 difference will even matter... personally I would have done that first, but that's just me. The next option is to have a second appraisal which the buyers realtor has offered to pay for... commission checks are a good thing! The absolute last resort would be to lower the price of the house and negotiate it back on something else i.e. the fridge etc.

The inspection went much better. He found just a few minor things, such as minor window seal problems and minor wood damage on the front of the house. The buyers have only asked that we repair the one piece of wood damage and leave the rest. Anyone know a handyman???

So now it is a waiting game, but this is pretty much a go as far as we can tell. Joe will most likely by signing our apartment lease and getting that all squared away. We have also started a list of all the address changes we need to make and service changes as well... it is becoming quite a list!

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