Sunday, January 08, 2006

Long overdue

What has been going on for the past few weeks?? Christmas for one... Joe and I had two Christmas' this year. One on Christmas eve with his family and one on New Year's eve with my family. We had a great time and received wonderful gifts... Thanks everyone! I will be sending out thank you cards this week. At least, that is my goal...

Mom had surgery on Wednesday, the 4th for the Macular Hole in her eye. You can find more information on that here. The surgery itself seems to be fine at this point, however, Mom has to be in a face down position for two to three weeks until the bubble of gas that has been placed in her eye (See the link for more info) has disapated. The picture is Mom in sitting face down in the apparatus, for want of a better word, so that her eye can heal properly. She also rented a device that she can sit in instead of the chair and she has some bolsters that are supposed to help you sleep face down as well. Although, I hear that on the first night she flipped over onto her back and Dad had to wake her up! This is not the greatest, but if all goes well she will be able to see out of her right eye. The bad part is is that she will have to undergo this same surgery for her left eye in the not so distant future.

On a lighter note, I finished this Lizzie Kate set of blocks in December! I am actually missing a button that I lost, but otherwise it is ALL DONE. Yeah for me!

Here is a work in progress that I have been working diligently on all weekend. She is coming along quite nicely and I really would like to have her completed in the next few months. Although, with all of the house stuff that is going on it might take longer than I would like. For those of you who are interested her name is Earthdancer by Butternut Road. I will definitely be posting updates of this one.

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