Saturday, June 11, 2011

this is what i use technology for

This is an IM conversation I had with my friend Linda the other day...

 u should pay me for bringing joy to your daily life
Judi  [2:28 PM]:
Linda  [2:29 PM]:
 when u win the lotto
Judi [2:30 PM]:
 i'm greedy, keeping it all for me
 i might buy you a drink though
Linda  [2:30 PM]:
 i thought we agreed
 u wud get me a porsche
Judi  [2:31 PM]:
Linda  [2:31 PM]:
 i'm going to sue you now
Judi  [2:31 PM]:
 i'll counter sue
 i will win
Linda  [2:31 PM]:
 cuz u got your lotto money
 and your apt in france?
Judi  [2:32 PM]:
 pretty much
 but i will be house poor with my french apt
 it will be really sad
Linda  [2:34 PM]:
  but mostly happy
 cuz u got teh lottery
 while your friend gets nothing
Judi  [2:36 PM]:
 that about sums it up

This conversation is referencing a conversation I had with Joe while we were in Paris and I was admiring the lovely apartments with the fabulous slate roofs. Joe may have gotten a little tired of my admiration of the roofs, but he got me back. He always does…

Me: When I win the lottery I’m moving to here and buying one of those apartments with the fantastic
Joe: You won’t have any money left after that.
Me: What?
Joe: Once you pay taxes on your winnings and then with the crappy exchange rate it won’t leave you much and those apartments are pretty expensive.

3 hours later, cause it never occurs to me at the time…
Me to myself: Who goes into exchange rates when I start a sentence with “When I win the lottery”? Sheesh!

And now I realize I need a prettier font for my IM.

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