Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a little knitting time

Hello! Long time, no see, err, blog…

Tonight I spent a great evening with a great group of knitters/crocheters and even a new member spinner at The Grove (I always find it a little strange when placed don’t have a website). You should join us. Our group information can be found here.


Just don’t be put off if our conversations turn towards things like:

  • What can be eaten off the floor and other food topics
  • Monkey clown sweaters in intarsia
  • I had to pee so bad… stories. These may or may not have ended badly, but are always funny
  • This one time at band camp… oh wait, I think that was a movie

I just started meeting up with this group the past couple of months, but what a group! You should really stop by and hang and share a few stories with us. It’ll be a hoot!

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