Friday, February 27, 2009

a list

So where do I start?  I think here works... back in '92 I gave a blood sample to see if I was a match for a friend of the family that who had Leukemia. I hadn't given it much thought until a few months back when reps from National Marrow Donor Program had a booth setup near where I work soliciting blood donations for their database. That's when I remembered I was on that database and that my contact information hadn't been updated in ages. I talked to a couple of really nice ladies and they told me how to go about it. Fast forward to about 2 o'clock today... I get a call from the donor program. I am a partial match to someone on their list. Not a total match, since back when I gave blood they didn't test for as many markers as they do now, but potentially I could be. I'm close.

I should be receiving a packet on Monday with some cotton swabs that I will use to swab the inside of my mouth for DNA to see if this is going to work. WOW! Who knew? The timing couldn't be stranger either. I feel like I was being reminded before a random call came in. Like I was being reminded that I was on that list.

Not sure what I think about this right now. I mean, I don't have any reason not to donate if the need is there. It's more the feeling of being able to give something life saving to another person. A stranger. Some person on a list somewhere, just like I was on a list. We could be a match. Amazing!

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