Saturday, February 28, 2009


I apparently am a glutton for punishment. I really need to start getting more exercise into my daily life so I went to a fitness bootcamp this morning for a free trial run. OMG! Not only was the workout tough, but it has been raining all night and was still raining this morning. What I failed to realize was that we would actually be doing exercises that required us to be on the ground. The completely soaked wet muddy yucky ground. Now, I am not a priss, but this was more than I was used to. This is what I looked like when we were through.


Not sure if you can really tell from this, but mud, mud everywhere. Mud and little dead grass pieces from the field. Front and back. The mud actually soaked through three layers of clothes. They are now in a pile in the garage waiting for a good rinse in the tub before they get a thorough washing.

I am considering signing up for the month long bootcamp. 18 days that start at 5:45AM this Monday. I am not a morning person...

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