Monday, October 23, 2006


Since I have now decided that I need to complete the Noro bag that has been languishing it would seem that I would have to run out of yarn. And run out I did. Emergency situation! For anyone that does any kind of fiber craft, which in my world would be cross-stitch and knitting, you then know that dye lots can be very important. Different dye lot can mean no real noticeable difference or it could mean, "Hey look, I added a whole 'nother color over here and now it looks ridiculous." Lucky for me, when I called my local shop (Charlotte Yarn), they not only had the same color, but the same dye lot as well. Considering that I bought the original yarn in July in a California shop, I count myself lucky. On knits the Noro bag... I will post some pictures in the near future. Or, maybe not, the new piece looks a lot like the other pieces I have shown but a different shape. Not all that exciting.

Also on the knitting front, I have discovered the world of podcasts. The first knitting podcast I have been listening to is Lime & Violet. Fun and interesting! Once I get current I will start on a new one. Yeah!

Off to work a bit more on the bag and then clean up a bit. MIL will be here tomorrow for a charity auction that is sponsored by NASCAR.

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