Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Komen Walk

Time for an update on the Komen Race for the Cure that ocurred this past Saturday. I am super pleased to announce that I was able to raise a bit over $700 this year. This beats last years fundraising of $423. Thank you to everyone that donated this year!!

Since I am on the subject I wanted to post a link here to an issue that I have long felt strongly about, but was really not able to explain this in a really logical fashion. Today I was searching for some information on breast cancer and I came across this website for Breast Cancer Action. Ok website, but what really caught my eye was their article on Think Before You Pink. I have long felt that companies may or may not be taking advantage of "Breast Cancer Awareness" or other such worthy causes so they can sell more of there product by making the buyer feel that they are really supporting said worthy cause. I am NOT advocating that these products not be purchased. What I am advocating is that you ask yourself why you are buying it and if you are buying it soley based on the pink ribbon on the box then ask yourself is this company really doing a service for this cause.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a window company using those same tactics to generate leads at a few shows. Saying that for everyone who signed up they donated money. Knowing the company, and the business, i doubt it was happening. Or not on the scale they are saying. - Osborne