Monday, October 10, 2005


I should have mentioned this in my last post, but Saturday morning while watching a lovely DVD on Italy with my family I was STUNG!! How you might ask? I was sitting in a chair innocently enjoying a morning with my family when the underneath of my right arm started to burn like crazy. I reached under my arm to see what in the world was going on under there. As I do that a yellowjacket crawls out onto the arm of my shirt. I

found a lovely picture of one of the creatures... it seemed to be more brown, but hey, I was jumping and screaming around the living room what do I know. So, that would be the end of the story, except that last night after taking plenty of Benadryl I am up all night scratching at my arm. So this morning I wake up miserable and look at my arm and it is huge! It's like three times as big as it was last night. So I found a pretty good link about stings, here. I decided it was time to go the doctor and see what in the world was going on. To make a really long story short (too late!) I was nauseous all day and went home from work early. I went to the doctor at three and he said, Yeah that looks bad. I now have a prescription for Prednisone (steroid). I really enjoyed reading the side effects, but I only need to take it for five days so I should survive... I included a lovely picture of my puffy red under-arm. Gotta love nature, especially when it is hiding in a chair!

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