Sunday, October 23, 2005

So tired

Well, Joe and I are on our way to becoming new homeowners. Nothing has been bought or sold, but we will definitely be doing something. I rented a storage unit last week and everytime we pack up a box it goes in the car and off it goes. I have been mulching the back yard and cleaning out the guest room. It is amazing how much stuff you can jam into one closet! Joe has been power washing the driveway and the back patio (thanks to our fancy shmancy new power washer, thanks mom and dad!). If he ever finishes the entire driveway he will be washing the house which is absolutely filthy. It makes you wonder why it takes the fact that one will be selling their home to do these things.

I am totally worn out and I am sure it will only get better! I will keep you posted on our progress and I am taking volunteers for cleaners (yeah, Cindy, you are on my list).


Anonymous said...

I;m glad you didn;t mention MY name as a volunteer!

Joe (you have to figure out which one!)

Lenore said...

All Joe's are automatically included in said cleaning volunteers!