Saturday, December 24, 2005

Homefront news

We have more good news! On Friday we received an offer on our home, which we countered and then they countered and that was that. Now we are under contract and unless there is a problem with the inspection we have to be out by January 27th. That means Joe will be spending this coming week looking for temporary headquarters for us and all of our stuff, aka an apartment. We are really excited! This is one less thing for us to worry about now. I just need to know who is going to volunteer to help us move all of our stuff???


Lenore said...

I'm definitely out of town that day! What day are you moving again? Well, whatever day it is, I'm sure I have something to do. ;-)

Sarah said...

Hey!!! Congratulations on graduting! I knew you could do it! ;)

What's up with you being in Charleston and not calling me? Witch!

Another congratulations on building a new house. You guys built the one you are in now, didn't you? It's quite the adventure....

We are in... not quite settled, but in and that's saying a lot. Still some things the contractor needs to come and fix, but that can be done any time.

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Miss ya!